Grassland American Football Ours et Saumon = Bear and Salmon Aigles Abeilles Archer Fish Pirate Archer Fish TC28-9 Medieval Knights Air Force Fish Catching Jungle Adventure Woodman Hot Rider
Kitchen Au Feu ! Au Feu ! OVNI Cosmos Bees Baseball Pirate Araignee Bats TC28-1 Karate Fighter Samurai vs Ninja Space Station Mecha Borg
Pipe Line = Tanker Car Race Panda Football Fire Bats Predateur Bear and Salmon TC28-8 Under Construction
Policeman Cat N Mouse = Chat et Souris Rugby Kung Fu Fourmis Bee Sharks Cow Boy Rodeo TC28-10
Stone Age Cowboy Rodeo Roulette Le Chat et la Souris Penguin Cat N Mouse Trampoline Act Crocodile TC28-5
Crocodile Sauvetage = Rescue Les Grenouilles Roulette Cowboy Rodeo Vulture Fire ! Fire ! TC28-2
Dauphins = Dolphins Shogun Rugby Dragon Zoo Fire Octopus TC28-4
Eagle Catch Chicken Soccer Sauvetage Spacial Fire ! Fire ! Penguin & Seal TC28-6
Football Space Rescue = Sauvetage dans l'espace Shogun Frogs Sharks TC28-7
Grand Magasin Space Shield Soccer Octopus Vulture TC28-3
Grenouilles = Frogs Trojans Space War Ours et Saumon
Kung Fu Troyens Super Market
UFO = King of Cosmos
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