Jawbreaker Astro Snik 201038 Agence tous Risques = A Team Dinosaure = Caveman 7-720 Monster Maze 101 Dalmatiens 72-503 Cinderella Lamb Chop and Friends Road Runner = Beep Beep 72-504 The Jungle Book Animali della Preistoria Baseball all Stars All Pro Basketball 7-717 Football 7-740 Project Alien 720 Degres Conan The Adventurer 78-542 Golden Axe 7-817 Judge Dredd 78-581 NBA Jam 78-549 Road to Daytona Space Fight Super Bowl 78-515 The Transformers Generation 2 101 Dalmatiens Destroyer Droid Lost in Space Pin Bot Star Wars + Battleship Batman & Robin Battle Arena Toshinden 101 Dalmatiens Spider Man 101 Dalmatians Formula 1 Formula 1 Racing Baseball Klobber 69-0004 DDP Defender Puyolin
King Kong A Team Lucky Luke Dragon 7-723 Space Invaders Aladdin 72-514 Darkwing Duck 7-881 Lamb Chop's Play Alone Sleeping Beauty The Lion King 72-802 Zhero Microbot Beavis and Butthead 7-631 Baseball 7-741 Football+ Puzzled After Burner 7-797 Cool World Golden Eye Jurassic Park 78-524 New Kids on the Block Robin Hood 7-861 Space Harrier 7-814 Super Double Dragon 78-528 Thunder Blade 7-785 A Bug's Life Doug Manchester United Pitfall Sub Zero Dr Fad Mortal Kombat Congo 71-101 Atlanta 1996 : Baseball Startrek : Next Generation Action Man - Super Ninja Invaders Invaders Basketball Meeba 69-001 Goldberg
Monster Maze King Kong 201028 Mickey Mouse Go Sprout 7-730 Animaniacs Dinosaurs 72-509 Land of the Lost 72-508 Snow White 72-531 The Little Mermaid 7-882 Boxing : Sugar Ray Bowling 7-745 Gazza's Raptor Island Altered Beast Crash Dummies 78-516 Grand Prix Karnov Nightmare before Christmas 78-537 Robocop 2 7-830 Space Jam Superman Toe Jam & Earl 78-538 Action Man Extreme GhostBusters Marble Madness Power Rangers Turbo Tarzan Ed Grimley Power Rangers Daytona USA Atlanta 1996 : Basketball Street Ninja Batman Motor Bike Racing Motor Bike Racing Football Plugger 69-006 Hollywood Hogan
Space Invaders La Panthere Rose 201026 Miner 2049 Guerre de l'Espace = Space Fight 7-722 Barnyard Commandos Duck Tales 7-874 Looney Tunes Sonic Spinball The PageMaster 72-803 Ninja Gaiden 2 , 7-624 Car Racing 74-014 Ghostblaster Skeet Shoot American Gladiators 7-813 Danger in the Digital World Guerrilla War King Arthur 78-545 Ninja Gaiden 7-787 Robocop 3 78-514 SpiderMan 7-853 Super Monaco GP 78-517 Transformers 78-541 Alien Resurrection Ferrari Mars Attacks Power Rangers in Space The Incredible Hulk Fun House Street Fighter 2 Dragon Heart Atlanta 1996 : Boxing Super Man Looney Tunes Robinsons Soccer Inspector Gadget Pogoman 69-003 Sting
Star Castle Lucky Luke 201024 Pac Man King Kong 7-721 Batman 72-505 Felix the Cat 72-524 Marsupilami 72-528 Spider Man 72-808 The Pink Panther Power Rangers Championship Wrestling Karate King 7-748 Soccer 7-749 Apollo 13 Dan Marino's 78-512 Hang On 7-784 Kings of the Beach Ninja Gaiden 3 Saved by the Bell 78-543 Star Force Super Soaker 78-533 Turbo Racing 7-812 All Pro Basketball FIFA 98 Mighty Ducks Rampage The Lion King Police Academy X Men Mortal Kombat 3 71-106 Atlanta 1996 : Wrestling Super Ninja Mulan Snow Boarding Tennis Jetski Shark Bite 69-002
Onc'Picsou 201034 Panthere Rose = The Pink Panther Maison hantee 7-726 Beauty and the Beast 7-877 Fievel goes West Mc Donald Land Racing Team Street Sharks The Rescuers Down Under 7-883 Rocko's Modern Life Clay Shoot Mega Monster Speed Boat 7-730 Back to the Future 7-809 Days of Thunder Hard Drivin 7-846 Madden 95 78-588 Off Road 7-810 S D I Star Wars = Guerre Stellaire Super Sprint 7-833 Vectorman Anastasia Frogger Monsters : The Mummy Resident Evil 2 The Little Mermaid Power Rangers 71-103 Batman The Jungle Book Tarzan Soccer Meme forme chez Takara Ninja Trick Shot Pool
Pac Man 201025 Schtroumpf = Smurf Parachutiste = Para Trooper 7-725 Beethoven's 2nd Flipper Mickey and Friends 72-511 Superman Thumbelina Snake's Revenge Daring Dolphin Mermaid Adventures Stone Age Dinosaurs Baseball Super Stars Demolition Man Harley Davidson 78-529 Magic Johnson Basketball 78-501 Operation Aliens Sea Quest DSV Stargate Swamp Thing 7-851 Vindicators 7-786 Area 51 Furby Monsters : The Wolf Man Rugrats The Lost World Street Fighter 2 Batman + The Lion King The Jungle Book Tennis MamaHaShogaku4Nensei MirukuDaisukiMiraiChan Ninja Fighter Wheelz 69-005
Schtroumpf 201029 Pyramide 7-724 Beetlejuice 7-870 Fox's Peter Pan and the Pirates 7-873 Mighty Max Talespin 8-875 Timon et Pumbaa Street Fighter 2 Dinosaurs 74-002 Mini Golf Super Arcade Pinball Batman 7-799 Dennis the Menace 78-532 Heavy Barrel 7-782 Masked Rider Out Run 7-796 Shoot Out 7-852 Startrek : Deep Space Nine 78-521 Tecmo Bowl 7-836 Virtua Fighter Baseball Gargoyles Monsters : Dracula Sabrina The Powerpuff Girls Daytona USA Batman Forever Toy Story The Lion King II Miracle Girls Todoke! Ai No Telepathy Pinball
Space Invaders 201027 Schtroumpfs 7-727 Biker Mice from Mars Free Willy 2 The Adventure Home Muppets 72-501 Taz-Mania Tiny Toon Adventures 7-872 The Perils of Mickey Dirt Track Go Karting 74-005 Miniature Golf 7-738 Ten Pin Bowling Batman Forever 78-572 Dick Tracy 7-816 Home Alone MC Hammer 7-865 Out Run F1 Shinobi 7-792 Startrek : The Next Generation 78-526 The Addams Family 7-829 VR Troopers 78-589 Babe Godzilla Mortal Kombat Trilogy Silver Surfer The Rugrats Movie Tarzan Batman Returns Zig and Zag The Little Mermaid Racing
Smurf Bonkers Full House 72-534 One Golden Afternoon Tenko and the Guardians of the Magic Tom and Jerry 72-516 The Simpsons Flyzz Mouse Maze Tennis 7-736 Batman Returns 78-507 Double Dragon 7-798 Home Alone 2 78-506 Mega Man 2 7-811 Paperboy 7-838 Simon's Quest Street Fighter 2 78-522 The Dream Master Waterworld BO Jackson Grudge Match Mountain Biker Skate Boarding The Simpsons Bugs Bunny Meme forme chez Grandstand Toy Story Run'n Jump
Bugs Bunny 7-871 Gargoyles 72-816 Pinocchio The Amazing SpiderMan Toy Story Turtles Ninja Fighter 7-718 Troll a Mania 74-003 Battletoads 7-878 Double Dragon 2 7-780 Hook 7-869 Mega Man 3 7-834 Paperboy 2 78-508 Skeleton Warriors Street Fighter 2010 7-837 The Flash 7-859 Wayne's World 78-523 Car Racing Hang Time Mr Potato Head Skating 3D Toy Story Daffy Duck Blast into Outer Space Soccer
Carmen Sandiego GI Joe Pocahontas 72-821 The Berenstain Bears 72-255 Treasure Trolls 72-519 Viper Pinball 7-742 Wild West Showdown 74-006 Beach Network Double Dragon 3 7-858 Home Improvement Michael Jordan in Flight Phantom 2040 The Ghost Walks Again Skull & Crossbones Streets of Rage 78-518 The Incredible Hulk Worldcup USA 94 Castlevania Harry Potter Nascar Sonic 3D Blast Virtua Cop Hercules Brink of Disaster Stock Car Racing
Casper 72-817 Goof Troop 72-522 Polly Pocket The Flintstones 72-507 Yo Yogi 72-506 X-Men 7-627 Pinball Wizard Worldwide Soccer Bruce Lee Earth 2 Independence Day Monday Night Raw Pit Fighter 7-863 Solar Jetman 7-845 Strider The Nightmare Before Christmas World Games Cat Dog Hercules NBA Live 98 Sonic R WWC Nitro Looney Tunes Danger at Ocean Deep Wrestling
Chip and Dale 7-879 Goofy 72-515 Power Rangers 72-818 The Hunchback of Notre Dame Zoo Crew Wrestling 7-737 California Dreams 78-544 Family Dog 7-849 James Bond JR Monster in my Pocket Power Rangers 78-563 Sonic 2 78-527 Sub Wars The Rocketeer 7-864 X Men 7-854 Chicken Run Independence Day Nights into Dreams Sonic Spin Dash WWW Super Stars Mickey Pit of Peril
Chipmunks 72-523 Inspector Gadget 72-517 Captain Planet 7-847 Fighting Golf John Elways Quaterback Monster Jam Primal Rage 78-597 Sonic 3 Submarine Wars The Shadow 78-559 X Men Project X 78-504 Crash Bandicoot Keystone Kapers Ninja Fighter 3D Star Wars Z Power Rangers ZEO
et Tandy Large screen et Orlitronic Double wide screen et Orlitronic et Orlitronic et Orlitronic Mini modele Parlant Carmen Sandiego 78-531 Gauntlet 7-788 Jordan vs Bird 7-793 Mortal Kombat Road Race Sonic the Hedgehog 78-513 The Terminator 7-867 Croc : Legend of the Gobbos Ligue Nationale de Football Oddworld Inhabitants Barcodzz VRT-X et Grandstand et Grandstand Serie Stix Power Fighter Games